Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year everyone!

I've been spending my whole new year's eve to update all my artworks since my long silence. There are some more, but maybe i can update them later. Besides, i think these are enough actually ;)

So, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all bloggers who never missed to leave comments and support me; to facebook's fan as well; and not to forget to all my precious craft friends and customers.

Throughout this year, i know i had made some customers unhappy, and i have to reject many many orders. Plus, i never reply to comments anymore in both blog and facebook. So, i would also like to say sorry for all my weakness and shortcomings.

Anyhow, i am looking forward to continue this year with wedding guestbook as my main project; same as last year. But, perhaps i'll make some cards and small handbound books as well if i had time.

I'll announce my availability along with new design for this year by 15th Jan 2012.

'Till i write again, i wish for this year to be better for me, Simple Rhyme and for all of you.
Keep on crafting everyone! ♥


Anonymous said...

Happy new year :) I hope you have a great year of more gorgeous paper quilling! It's hard having a full time job and doing crafting on the side, and still finding time for the other things in life. Perhaps one of these days you'll be able to do your quilling full time!

chillin with Quillin said...

wish you the best of 2012 !!!!!

budak chOmel said...

happy new year semak!!! :)))

Anca said...

I appreciate a lot that you stil post and write your thoughts so that we know about you. Don`t forget to have fun doing all that you do - this is what I forget when I work too hard - in fact that`s how quilling started - having fun...

Asma' Ahmad Bahari (As) said...

agree with you honey! and yes, i pray for that dream will come true soon :D thank you :)

thank u paula. wish the best to you too! :)

tantan, janganla panggil ak semak kat sini. hahahaha :P

anca, i think we face the same thing as well right? once we make our passionate and hobby as business, we really can't ran away from pressure. so, this year, i'll make new strategy so that i can enjoy while at the same time make others happy as well. wish me luck! :)

jone said...

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