Thursday, January 24, 2013

{2013} Back to Business!

at last, we're back to business! :)
i have decided that this year, i am going to maintain taking custom made order.
i'll start with only one package and the design will be random floral theme.

however, please take note that i am only able to take limited order per month.
so, email me quickly for inquiry which you can found at our Order & Reservation page.

looking forward to serve the best for your wedding!

kind regards,

  • for those who have emailed/PM/comment at facebook during product revising, kindly email me again if you are still interested :)
  • to guestbook designers or bride-to-be who interested to design your own guestbook, DIY version is also avialable :D


Shylaashree said...

Welcome back. My best wishes to you

Cik Yaya said...

Hi !!
just came upon your page while google-ing about paper quilling. i am actually making a guestbook for a friend's wedding and is looking for ideas. i think this is a great page for a newbie like me. hope i will learn a lot from you :)